2021-05-13 17:41:00

Foot fusion microcomputer simulation

Bipedal double holes synchronization

Shall not be subject to restrictions of any time

Three-dimensional bionic massage

The foot fusion microcomputer simulation and mechanical technology, the leading domestic, imitating the professional pedicure massage and the compiled computer program, and storage and microcomputer system memory chips.

Bipedal double holes synchronization: conclusion of the scientific research personnel, research and test results show that bipedal double hole pedicure methods than single foot of the single point pedicure effect to 3 to 5 times higher.

Shall not be subject to restrictions of any time, space: foot machine as the professional home pedicure division please like, every day after bath, before going to sleep, watch the TV program leisure "independent foot" can be.

Three-dimensional bionic massage: from the foot, foot medial, lateral foot and dorsum of the foot and ankle, multi angle a full range of massage. Intelligent robot hand, you can cover the foot of the 64 reflex zones, put into the feet, automatic reflection area of massage, accelerate blood circulation, clear the meridians, get through the silt.

The technique of foot massage, pedicure machine set automatic control program, the stronger, machine hand knead very powerful, the light, and according to the very gentle.